I 797 - B says consulate as London but I came back to India


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Hello Forum Gurus,

I did my Masters in U.K (London) and a employer from U.S.A interviewd me during my school,looking my resume in Monster, I was lucky enough to pass through the interview and got selected. They applied for H-1B and got it approved. And in the petition (I - 797 B)it says counslate as LONDON.

But I came back to India after I finished my Masters, which is 2 months back.

Now do I need to go back to London to attend the interview for stamping or else can I attend the interview here in India itself?

1) Forum Gurus please give me advice on my case.

2) And also what kind of documents do I need to ask from my employer before attending the interview apart from my offer letter?

3) I also attended one more interview from employer-B, incase if I get stamped from employer -A,and if I get the job offer from employer -B can I come to U.S without getting stamped for employer -B and join there company. (I am more interested to join with employer - B).

Thank you all

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name of the i797 doesnt matter, u can go any consulate which is nearest to your location at present where ever u stay legally and attend interview,it doesnt matter, because we IT engineers move all over the world, who knows tomorrow where we will be, so no problem attend in india ,most of the people in uk are getting rejected now , because uk has closed the HSMP(TIER1 GENERAL VISAS) the embassy officers know what our intention is, any way this doesnt apply to genuine sponsors( large companies like IBM, CISCO) sponsors but consultant companies doesnt yeild good result in uk now a days,

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