h1b calgary stamping 2011


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Can people please share their calgary, Ab h1b stamping experiences between august 2011- present here.

My husband is going for his h1b visa stamping - i got mine done last year.

1- Was your case approved, or were you handed the 221g?

2- Do you work for a small IT consulting company in an evc model or for a big global consulting company as a FTE?

3- If not IT, what is your industry?

4- If you got a 221g, how long did it take for your visa to get approved?

5- What questions were you asked by the VO?

6- What documents were you asked to submit, in the case of 221g?

7- I have read of VO's asking why the spouse is not present at the time of stamping-- does this mean it's advisable to accompany my husband?

Detailed responses will really help. Thank you in advance.

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