H1 B Premium CSC RFE Response in Oct - enter here


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This is Ashok and I am new user for this forum. Actually I got H1B Visa stamped on July'2011. Due to project change in the company, my travel advisor and client want me to apply the Amendment. I have applied the amendment (Premium Process with critical) on Ist week of august'2011 and it got delayed some various internal process reasons. Once we submitted the document on Oct IInd week and we got the reciept number on end of oct'2011. But they USCIS website shows status as "Request for Evidence" for my H1B amendment. We all are very disappointed. We were suppose to travel on Sep'11 Ist week, due to this process delayed we are requested to the client to wait till end of Oct'11. Now my docs are RFEd. We don't know when it will reach back to my employer in US. After that they need to review the case and send it back to USCIS. We are not know the process time for this case. Please let me know, if anyone had same kind of issue previously or simlarly.

Thanks for your help.

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