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My PERM PD: Aug 26,2011. H1B visa with recapture time expiring on Nov 21, 2011. May be in 15 more days I will get to know whether my PERM will be approved or not. If the PERM gets approved can my lawyer file my I-140 and subsequently H1B extension based on I-140 approval while I am in India? I am from non-IT field so working from India remotely doesn't work in my case, so when I go for visa stamping after H1B 3 yr extension approval, should I show my pay stubs? And can I leave from US on Nov 20,2011 or should I leave much earlier?

Also, could anyone share ur experience if been in similar situation earlier?

Thank you

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Generally, once an I-140 is approved an employer can file an H1B petition on an individual’s behalf for three year periods. This can also be done while an individual is abroad. To avoid a long delay in your return to the U.S. it is a good idea to have the I-140 filed pursuant to premium processing then once approved, file the H1B petition pursuant to premium processing. For additional questions, please contact a qualified U.S. immigration attorney.

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