H1B Stamping in Hyderabad - Do we need to give them docs 3 days in advance?


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I am coming to India and I need to get my H1B stamped in order to return to USA. I am looking to book a date immediately after my arrival in Hyderabad. Is it necessary to submit all the documents 3 days in advance? If yes, what documents do we need to submit?

Any information is appreciated.


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Hi .. Yes u need to submit documents 3 days in advance in Hyderabad consulate.

List is

Your passport copy Bio Pages.

Your Appointment Confirmation Letter- DS 160

Your Interview letter.

Your HDFC reciepts.

Client letter copy

Copy of H1-B

vendor letter copy.


One advice come to India only if you Employer and client relation. If you have a vendor in between Dont even think about coming back.

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