I-485 I i30 Does ICE pursue employers based on info on forms?


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I came to the US on a student visa. Got employed off-campus 18 months ago. Lost Status 10 months ago. Got married to my awesome co-worker and now husband 5 months ago wink.gif and now I'm filing paper work.

In the box that asks for current job I write that I am still working at the job I met my husband but my lawyer says to leave it out so that immigration does not go after my employer.

The lawyer says I should write him an email stating that I just volunteer and get no salary and then leave that spot blank on the forms (BIO-AOS- ect..)

I get a W2 and pay taxes. I anticipate doing so again this coming year. My husband works there too. I DO NOT WANT TO GET my employer in trouble but I DON"T WANT TO LIE on my paperwork. eek.gif

Should I just quit my job then leave that space blank? (times are hard and we need the money)

Should I do as my lawyer said and write him an email stating I volunteer then leave "current employment" blank?(this sounds like it covers him in case I get in trouble but is it normally done)

Should I just file normally and truthfully without quitting?

Does ICE or DHS pursue employers based on information they find on AOS or work permit forms? What are the odds of this happening - has anyone had this happen to their BOSS?


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