H1B Premium Processing - October 2011- California Service Center


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Dear Friends,

Let us help each other. Please post the following details:

Date application was mailed to USCIS:

Date received receipt from USCIS:


Any additional information:

Here are my details:

Date application was mailed to USCIS: 10/15/2011

Date received receipt from USCIS: 10/17/2011

Status: Acceptance

Any additional information: California Service Center - Premium

Thank you

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New H1B

Applied : Aug - 25th 2011

Receipt Notice Received: Sep 9th 2011

Initial review status till : Oct 23rd 2011

Upgraded to premium : Oct 22nd 2011

Acceptance status from: Oct 24th 2011

Reciept notice not received yet.

Waiting still :(

Please advise when can i expect some status update. I hear ppl saying that we will know something within 15 days after upgrading to premium.

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Case Type : I 129 with COS H4 - H1 (Already had a valid petition with previous employer)

Package sent to USCIS : 26th September

Receipt No received : 28th September (Status 'Initial Draft')

Sent I-907 to USCIS for upgrade to premium : 19th Oct (Status was still 'Initial Draft')

Received e mail for upgrade confirmation : 31st Oct (status changed from 'Initial Draft' to 'Acceptance')

Approved : 3rd Nov (Status changed from 'Acceptance' to 'Post Decision Activity' and to 'Decision' on same day)

Waiting for the paperwork

In my opinion , do not rely on the the USCIS website for status, be patient and everything will work out in the end . Best of luck ...


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