Can I apply new H1-B From same Employer?

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Hi All

Here is my case .

I appeared for visa interview on October 13th and my visa was refused coz of EVC Model.

My H1-B petition was revoked and sent back to USCIS.

While refusing my visa .. Visa Officer said that there are layers between Employer and Client.

Now I have a searched for a direct client who is ready with project.

No vendor in between . Can my Employer apply for h1-b again or do i need a new employer?

Experts please help?

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same petition will be of no use as that has gone to administrative processing...all purpose of getting new H1B is to get a new stamping with new petition. So you ll need to apply all over again as new H1B and get a new petition. Try to go for premium processing so that you can receive you documents sooner and go for stamping earlier..

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@ Adil ,

I think you need to go for New H1b petition if you have any option instead of waiting to hear something on your previous one and try again since your working model is changed you shouldn't have a problem this time .

I would be going sometime Mid of Next month . Would really need all your suggestions though !!

Thanks ,

Vidhya !!!

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