Should i detach I-94 from I-797A??


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Please do not touch the I-94 in I-797A. When you leave the airport, it is always recommended that you submit the one in your passport. If you are planning to go for a visa stamping, it is required that you submit the approved petition with the I-94 card to prove your status. If you are not planning for a visa stamping and wish to go out of country and return back, then surrender your I-94 card in passport to the airline official, when you return fill out a new I-94 Arrival/Departure card and to POE Inspector, please hand over both the I-797A form and the newly entered I-94 form. Usually the POE Inspector will not tear the one in the I-797A form, rather punches the I-94 card which you filled in and staples to your passport.

Hope this helps.

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