Visa stamping Hyd/Chennai/any place around US?


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EVC model

have client and vendor letters

first stamping - Chennai (successfully gone thru admin query process.)

Second stamping - Hyderabad (cleared easy)

recently renewed my passport with new one

currently in US

I have my wedding in Dec., please suggest

which consulate is safer and can increase my probability of getting back?

is it safer to get myself stamped and then fiance after marriage? or go together?

gone thru many posts, looks like consulate is focusing much on who delegates/assigns work to u, whom r u reporting, who approves ur time sheets? can anybody provide some nice answers around these?

how to escape employee employer relationship based questions, when your vendor solely a staffing company and the client cannot take contractors other than their approved vendors?

any tricky question(and answers) you know, so that i can be prepared well ahead?

Thanks everyone in advance for the help, i hope my post also helps other people going thru same situation.

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