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Hi Friend,

I have B1 visa. I have applied for H1B visa interview along with my wife and Child at Chennai Consulate. I have called VFS for any parking facility, but I don’t think parking is available at Gemini fly over. The day before, I was little nervous about the interview and unknowingly I didn’t sleep well. I booked private cab and reached consulate by 9:30 AM. My interview was scheduled at 10:15 AM.

-At the entrance of the embassy, all 3 passports, interview confirmation letter and DS 160 confirmation was given in the counter. They gave token number.

-My wife and child entered in a separate entrance (ladies Q) and myself in different entrance (Gents Q). Outside the gate there was a manual checking of the body.

-Between outside and inside entrance in the same building, there is a screen area where your documents, any sealed envelopes, files, bag screens and body screen etc will be done for security purposes. I have carried 2 big files with clear labels in order to give the documents as soon as VO asks, the first file consists most frequently asked documents. The 2nd file consists remaining documents.

-Now you will be entering inside the building, where your token number and counter number will be displayed on the screen. You need to stand in the Q. Most of them are Indians and they will check your HDFC receipt and removes one sticker from it and puts on passport. Takes your passport, I797 form and DS 160 form. They keep all the passports and forms in one file and give it to you. You will receive a white color booklet to go through before interview. But you don’t get much time.

-Again you need to go to last right side counter, where you and your family finger prints will be taken along with DS-160 form. Asked age of the kid and the form will be returned back.

-You will be redirected to the next building. Everything starts here, you see this area is crowded, all the chairs were occupied, there are many counters, conducting interviews, people will be giving the answers, security will be directing you to sit and your token numbers will be displayed on the screens. Very important watch the screen continuously as the visa officer gets irritated, if you are absent at the counter. VO will announce some times. But don’t give a chance.

-As soon as I sat there, my number was displayed in spite of lot of members waiting. I was surprised. Probably because of the kid they might have displayed the number.

-I went to the counter and 3 more people were standing in the Q. I asked my wife to sit with the child. I saw the male, young officer in the counter. Observed the interviews of the other people, some of them wore suits, adjacent 2 counters VO lady officers asking questions with higher tone which is masking the Q &A of the other counters.

-As the Q was moving forward, I can hear my heart pounding and I asked my wife to come and stay with me, as mine was next.

-My token no. displayed on the counter.

Me: Good morning sir,

VO: Good morning

Me: How are you sir,

VO: good, please pass your file

Me: I handed over the file

VO: He asked, what does your company do

Me: Explained in brief

VO: What do you do their

Me: Explained in brief

VO: What’s your education qualification?

Me: Graduation, 2 PG diplomas

VO: Being medical background, do you have any technical certificate to work in this field

Me: Yes, I have

VO: Do you have, masters

Me: I said No, I have diplomas

VO: Have you been to US before

Me: Yes, Once to …Place for the purpose of training

VO: I was holding some documents. So he asked, can you please pass them to me, if you have any additional documents.

Me: Yes, they were I-129, LCA, and USCIS Xerox letter

VO: He flipped all the pages and has gone through last page of USCIS, especially my education.

VO: Is it boy or girl

Me: Girl

VO: How old is she

Me: 3 months old

2 minutes of silence and looking at his system

VO: I am approving your visa, you will receive your passport within 7 days. He kept all the passports in the same file and kept inside.

My wife congratulated me, immediately once we left the counter.

On the 2nd I got the message to collect the passport at VFS center between 4-5 PM, but I could not collect it. On the 3rd working day I have received passport around 9 PM in the night via Bluedart Courier. H1B stamping done in my passport and retained B1. My wife and child got H4 stamping.

Advice: Prepare well for interview, especially most FAQ. Be confident whatever you say, bold, aloud, look into the eyes of the VO, answer to the point, If question is not clear ask them to repeat, keep all the documents ready and the key is “you must give a convincing answer to VO to get the Visa.” This forum helped me a lot, Thanks a lot to all the members who have shared their experiences. Congratulations to everyone who attended the interview (221 g seems to be normal, if they are not convinced with the answers and in order to check the documents- It’s an administrative process, but I suppose everyone later gets the stamping) and all the best to the employees who are going to attend.

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