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I am on h4 my american citizen boy friend wants to marry me he is school and does not make enough to sponsor me but we love eachother and I cannot live with out. I can't consider leaving him. What are my option of dealing with the affidavit of support form.. he himself is on financial aid for school.. finding a joint sponsor is very difficult.. can I borrow money from a friend to show that I don't need to be supported by my boyfriend? How much do I have to show as my bank statement? According to poverty guideline sponsor must make aroubd 19,000 per year. If I have this in my account somehow will they accept it? Will they try to find out how this amount got into my account? Because my parents don't make that much and I'm un employed..please help I'm very depressed bbecasue of this .. this is so cruel why can't I be with the one I love

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Bank statements don't mean anything.

This "borrowing money" stuff is sooo old. Do you really think USCIS would fall for that???

They know very well that anybody can move money in and out of accounts in a heartbeat. And if you or your BF lies about this stuff, you may end up banned from the US for life.

And finally, this isn't about "being cruel." This is about making sure that you are not becoming a burden on the American tax payer.

Love doesn't put food on the table. Money does.

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Its a tough choice for you. But there are always different options, only if you are open to it. First of all, if you both are of legal age you have the right to get married if you chose to. On the other hand you can also enroll in a university or college and convert to F visa and complete studies. Is the green card or citizenship only aim in life? It depends on what you want in life, I guess. Regarding marriage, marrying someone you knew only for w while and that too in a hurry may not help you in a long run, specially when you are financially not good. First try to get a good education and then marry onece you are financially stable. Life may not go as we wish, but you can always take wise decisions. And we may not always like tough decisions. Anyways, good luck!!!

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