Grace period in USA after resigning from a company while working on L1 VIAS


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I am working for a company on L1 VISA in USA. My I-94 is valid till Jan-11-2012 and I am also waiting for my new H1 filed by another company.

I have already resigned from my earlier company and will stop working from Oct 31st. Abut the new H1 premium processing decision I will come to know in 1st or 2nd week of November.

Please tell me how long I can stay in USA without working for a company who filed my L1 after serving my notice period?

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Serving notice to the company is irrelevant from an immigration standpoint. A person in L-1 status would lose this status as soon as they ceased employment with the petitioner. However, if a petition to change of status to H1B is filed prior to losing their L-1 status, they may ordinarily remain in the U.S. in a period of authorized stay while the petition is pending.

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