Pending 485 based on Employment but have I 130 approved


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Many thanks your suggestion. I did exactly the same on Oct 19th 2011 and yesterday (Nov 2nd 2011) i called 1-800 number to obtain any update, IO advised that case was converted on Oct 25th 2011 and is now in hands of another IO for adjudication.

Any idea how long does this process take.

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I don't think so. Either your application is in the queue or it's not. If it is, you will get your decision in 60 days, if it is not, you won't. Nothing (short of having an actual sitting Senator calling the USCIS and pull for you) will get you on the queue in the next 30 days. InfoPass is for information only. They can't really impact what's going on in the service center. You can go and ask if everything seems to be in order.

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Google CIS Ombudsman case problem report. It's a pretty simple form that you can fill out and send over. Just explain that your application has been pending for a very long time, that you have two approved immigrant petitions, inlcuding one as a spouse of a citizen. Good luck!

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I have a unique situation, Let me refresh,

- I have originally I485 employment based petition pending since 2005

- I have an approved I130 (spouse of US citizen)

- Requested I485 be converted to family based which apparently was done and file sent to adjudication officer

- Upon completion of 60 days period i recvd a letter from USCIS to go to nearest USCIS District Office and make an Infopass appointment.

- First appointment was on Jan 27th 2012 where i was told they cannot help as case still in Texas USCI

- Contacted USCIS to find out what was the problem and i was told to go back and explain situation

- Took another Infopass appointment on Feb 3rd 2012 and unfortunately was sent back again with same comment

Any idea whats going on here and what are options available.


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