221G Blue - October tracking !!


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Hello Guys..

I am starting a new topic to track 221g blue admin process.

Here is my story... I had interview in april...for h1 stamping... from US. I got rejected under 221g. I had EVC model

I got a new job .. September end, and this time it is E-C model. I had interview today i,e oct 18th.

Here is my interview experience.

I got to interview window... i was interviewed by american-desi officer.

ABC = Client , XYZ = Employer

VO: Is this is a new employment ?

Me: yes

VO : Is there a client involved ?

Me: Yes, its ABC

VO: What will you be doing?

ME: I explained the duties in offer letter.

VO: Where will you work ?

ME: I will work in 2 locations, ABC's location and XYZ office.

VO: What work will you do at XYZ ?

ME: I will be managing Wide area network elements and regards to this project i will also be involved in FIOS network management testing.

VO: ABC never gives away their equipment to third party to test , how will you do that at XYZ'slab ?

ME: I will be visiting ABC's office for testing , and As per my conversation with My manager at XYZ , he said i would be working at both the locations with respect to this project.

VO: This is not making any sense, Is there anything you are hiding ?

ME: No sir, as per my interview with XYZ i was told that i will be working at ABC and XYZ premises.

VO : I am warning you for the last time , if you have anything that you need to say.. I will verify this with ABC, and if its Wrong, I will BAN you from coming to USA for life time.

Me: I am not telling any lie sir. As per my discussion with my manager, I would be working at two locations.

VO: Ok , give me the documents related to H1 (i,e lca , i797 , i129 , letter to uscis) , we will have to verify with ABC, if something comes up wrong, i will BAN you from going to USA for life time.

ME: I gave the documents , he gave me BLUE form with CASE number.

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