I-485 enquiry / approval question. Please help . . .

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I applied for green card (EB3) couple years ago and reclaimed my previous priority date (previous GC filing) of November 1998. We filed I-485 in Nebraska service center in March 2011. Since the normal processing times for this SC is 4 months, I recently called USCIS and opened a service ticket (outside normal processing time). I received the following response today. I thought FY 2012 visa allocations start from October 2011, which means their response is not valid. Is it true? Any thoughts??

The 485 EB visa allocations are exhausted. Therefore, your case will be processed according to the fiscal year 2012 visa allocations. Based upon 2012 allocations, your case will be processed when a visa becomes available according to your priority and category dates. Please refer to visa bulletin for the 2012 visa allocation processing tables.

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