H4 for new born baby (searched all forums to find answer)


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My H1B expires on Dec 07,2011. I applied for my 3 year H1B extension on Jul 27,2011 and waiting for the approval. My wife has H4 visa till Dec 07, 2011. Now my wife is going to take my baby for his H4 visa interview on 10/19/2011 with my old approved H1B petition along with the new H1B extension receipt.

1) Is it going to cause any issues to my son's h4 as I have only 1+ month left in my

H1B ? Please note that I already applied for the extension.

2) Will they put Admin Processing for the new borns (does not make sense to me) ?

I will greatly appreciate the answers. Thanks.

Thanks & Regards,


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i would suggest waiting for couple of weeks as in some cases (personal experience), Once you receive H1B extension, they know in their system that your family will get extended stamp. Re-stamping is BIG headache and will affect travel in long term. highly recommend waiting few more days/weeks.

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The child was born in India and that is why I needed h4 visa. If the child were born in USA then I guess I need not go for stamping at all as the child is a US citizen.

Yeah, that was my point. Not everybody knows that....

I would wait for the extension approval.

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