Can I switch companies after my I-140 is approved?


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My 140 was recently approved and my firm's lawyers have filed for the 3 year 797 extension (current 797 expires in March 2012).

I was wondering if it's possible for me to switch companies now once I receive my 797 extension (the 3 year extension would only kick in beginning April 2012)? If so, from what i've heard, I would have to start the green card process all over again from scratch, which i'm fine with. Assuming I get my new 140 with the new company approved, do I get another 3 year extension?

I'm unsure as to how this works. Please advise.


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I am not sure about the date when your 3 years extension kicks in. It maybe from date of approval or from April 2012. You can avail 3 years extension as long as you have i140 approved and your PD is not current. Job change is fine. It wont impact 3 years extension.

Also, you can retain the old PD with new green card process. Just you would need the I140 approval copy from old company.

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