NEW LABOR in EB2 w/out leaving the current employer?


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Hello All:

Is it possible to start NEW LABOR in EB2 by another employer w/out leaving the current employer? (who has already filed in EB3 - labor/140 approved 485 filed) with an agreement to join them, when the Labor is approved and dates ported.

Thank You all

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Hello Belle: Currently EB3India/PD May 2007/EAD/Valid H1B.

Please correct me if I am wrong below.

Step 1: New (Future) employer files Labor under Eb2.

Step 2: Assuming Labor under EB2 gets approved (generally 6 months); then he will have to file a New I-140; and also requesting to port the dates from the Old/Approved I140 EB3.

Step 3: Then the new I140 will get approved (assuming if I use premium processing - will take one week).

We (with family) have already applied I485 in July 2007.

Then what happens - assuming that at that future date my date is already Current - (in fact it is current now)

Will we have to file 485 again?

When the new I-140 gets approved, I plan to switch to the new employer as per my commitment.

Thank You for your time.

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