Family or Employment based Green Card?

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I am currently on my H1B and working. My Visa is valid until August 2013 after which I should be eligible for a renewal. My fiance is a US citizen and we will be getting married in a year. My dilemma essentially is, should I apply for a green card via my current employer and then transfer the process over to a family-based process once we get married (if that is even possible?) or should I just wait, get married and apply for a family based green card?



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The family based GC case is likely to be far faster than the EB case. But, if the employer is willing to file, there is nothing wrong with getting the EB case started and, once you are married, reassessing the situation. It is not necessary to chose one or the other at this point, and, since the employer must pay for the costs related to the LC, there should not be any individual expense connected with at least the first part of the EB GC case.

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