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I attended H1 visa stamping interview on 3rd OCT in Hyderabad consulate, they gave me 221g White Form which says administrative processing. They did not ask any documentation. 221g just says administrative processing and VO Officer said i am sending your case to USCIS for revocation since it looks like your client is controlling most of your work rather than your employer.

When i try to track my case using case number they provided i get an Error saying " This is not a valid case number #".

Please let me know is there a way i can check the status of my case using the case number they provided and is there a way i can follow up my case about administrative processing.

Experts Please respond.

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@ manishqs

Not all the cases are shown in the website so dont get worried . When I got my 221(G) green form I had the same problem saying that there was an error with the case number and I never saw my case status online .

All you can do is send an Emails to the consulate and track your status/updated regarding your case and Admin process I think you just have to wait and watch !!

Goodluck ,


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I gave my interview in Hyderabad on 19th July and received white form like you with a tracking number on it. It took 7 days for my case to appear on the web site before which even I was getting the "This is not a valid case number #". message .. So u can wait for another 2-3 days and I am sure then u can track ur case online

HI Salim Khatib is there any update on u r case. Please reply. I recieved the White slip too and waiting for case to be updated

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