EB2 I485 application

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Thanks much for all the valuable information.

I've currently applied for GC under EB2 category and the PD is current.

I am currently not in US. So, few questions.

1. How much time I have before I need to be in US for I-485 application ?

2. I applied GC using L Visa. Can i now travel in business / visitor visa for 485 application?

3. Once I-485 is applied , how long do I need to stay in US before I can return to my home country? Meaning, do i need to wait for any kind of receipt ?

Thanks much again for all the great support !

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If you originally opted for AOS rather than CP you should now opt for Consular Processing. I hope you do understand the concept of Permanent Resident in view of your last question. If time is needed convert to CP. I assume you were not born in any of the backlogged countries since your recent EB2 filing is current. What does your Employer aka GC sponsor say about the matter?

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