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Hi All,

Just wanted to update my H1B visa experience here, as I have found others experiences very helpful.

Attended interview on Aug29th at Chennai. The questions asked were - (1) How long you have been in US (2)Who do you work for (3) How long you have been working and (5) What is your salary

The officer then took out a pink slip and mentioned to me that my VISA has been provisionally approved pending administrative processing and asked me to wait for a few minutes. After few minutes - called to another counter - and asked for a copy of resume. The pink administrative processing slip had a case number and was able to check my status online on the same day.

On Sep19th (after 30 days of the interview) received an SMS asking me to pick up my passport from VFS office and on the same day evening the online case status changed to ISSUED as well. VISA is issued for 2 years.I work as post-doc in chemical & environmental engineering.

If anybody needs additional information on my case, please let me know.


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Mohan, my case is similar to your case.I work in a Pharmaceutical firm.During the visa interview the Indian VO told me that it wil take 4 to 8 weeks to get my passport back.Did the VO say any duration for you?

Also in your post you have stated that you attended visa interview on Aug 29th and got the ppt back on Sep 19 and you have specified 30 days.But when I counted the all the days (including the weekends) it looks like there were only 22 days.

Please reply per your convenience.Thank you.

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