H4 is under 221g , husband switching to different comany


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Hi ,

My H4 is under 221g blue admin process at Hyd and my husband is switching to new employer.

My H4 is processed by husband's Company A.

And if my husband goes to different company B, then what will happen to my H4 visa which still under admin process.

I have 2 scenario in my view

1) If my husband resigns and gives 2-3 weeks notice to company A, and during this time if I receive call from consulate for H4 stamping, will this h4 visa valid for entering in us?

2) if my husband resigns and joins the new company B, and then if i get the call from consulate for H4 stamping? will this effect me at immigration if I travel on h4 on my husband's first company A?

Need some suggestions ASAP.



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