I 94 caused problems while re entering US from Canada


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I had my H1 B extension and received I797C from my HR(who in turn received this from my attorney)

Without realizing that my I 94 has not been received I traveled to Canada and came back (I had once done this before for official purpose and came back in thru automatic re-validation, This time it was leisure trip but I hoped the same procedure will follow)

But since I had only I 797C I had lot of issues at the border and finally they gave me a waiver which cost me $591.

I contacted my HR to check where my I 94 was and if the attorney had not sent it to me then it is their fault and I would need a reimbursement for the amount. My HR told me today that my I 94 was safely in the file of the attorney and they forgot to sent me that. They acknowledged their mistake but will not reimburse me since I went outside border with out informing them and I should have been more responsible in checking the documents. Now my HR says my company is not responsible which is true as it was my unofficial trip. But shouldn't be the attorney responsible for this?

I carried all my documents and since they did not send me the I 94 I had to do the waiver else I could have easily got back in. This was even confirmed by the border officer when they were doing my waiver.

Please let me know what you guys think about this matter.

Thanks a lot for your inputs in advance.



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@ JoeF I agree.. but my point is I ensured that I have all the documents related to my visa. Since they have not send me the documents, I did not have those and didn't think those were important.

@pontevecchio I should have been..I thought I 797C would do the same as before. was not aware that it was just a copy.

More than the money I do want to ensure that such things never happen in my company for other legal workers. The attorney was indeed very irresponsible in "missing" to send me my I 94. I want to make sure that they will admit that...

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