Valid H1B and I-94, Visa on Passport Expired more than 30 Months ago


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On my Passport , I have Visa from Company A which Expired in July 2008. In Jan 2008 , I moved from Company A to B and during H1b transfer received New I-797 and I-94 expiry date Jan 2011.

While working for company B , I didn't go for Visa stamping.

In Dec 2010, I moved from company B to C and during transfer received new I797 and I94 with expiry date Dec 2013.

Now , I am planning to go for Visa stamping.

Please Note, My Visa on Passport is of Company A which expired in July 2008 and I don't have Visa stamped for Company B and going for stamping with Valid I797 of company C

Attorneys, Please advice.

Thank you in advance for reply.

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