H1B stamping at Hyd


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I am now on my 3 yr H1 extension after 6 yrs of H1B status, owing to my apporved I-140 petition (EB-3).

I want to visit India and will need to get a visa stamp to reenter the US.

People have been telling me to avoid the Hyd consulate (my home consulate). I have the following questions -

Is there any additional scrutiny in Hyd compared to any other consulate (say Vancouver, Toronto, Mexico) ??

I have always worked directly for a MNC (not a software engineer). I have a masters degree in engineering from the US. Should this make things any easier?

Should I carry my approved I-140 to the interview. I mean, would that help in any way?

I obviously dont want to risk a query of any kind, especially since my wife is pregnant. Would you guys recommend going to a consulate in a third country, rather than Hyd?

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I would suggest that you avoid stamping if you can. 221g can be issued to any one at random. It will be your risk to take. Full time or EVC model or approved i-140 doesn't really matter to the VO. I took the risk, i am waiting for 9 months and still not sure if my case will clear any time soon. Even I had a approvd I-140 ,& all required docs.

I know that consulates in India are acting crazy as of now ;HYD or Chennai or Kolkata .so if you cannot avoid travel then go to Canada for stamping. Good Luck.

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