H1 B Extension

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It is a tight situation. Hope your PERM gets approved by Oct 30, and then very next day, you do I140 premium processing. This may take 15 days to approve (best case) or more. By this time you are almost at the end of your H1B 6th year term. To avert the risk, you can do H1B extension based on recapture time spent outside US during your 6 years period. That will give you some breathing room. In the mean time your I140 would get approved and apply for 3 years extension.

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Please consult with a qualified and experienced immigration attorney to discuss possible strategies to remain in the US or to return to the US after the I-140 is approved. Labor Certifications can take a few months, or longer if subjected to an audit. In addition, I-140 petitions may be subject to requests for additional evidence which delay the issuance of an approval.

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