H4 and H1 Petitions approved in just 1 Day Gap - Questions.


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I have a situation. Here are the series of events and their approval dates. My questions as well.

I was in L1b and my wife was is in L2 with EAD(Valid till OCT 20 2011) and my employer filed H1 for me so I had to apply for H4 for my wife from my employer. Later my wife's employer was ok to file H1 for her so we started H1 B petition while the H4 is pending and both H4 and H1 got approved with 1 day gap. The last petition approved was H1B which is 1 day after H4 petition approval date. So i am worried that we might need to go out of US and get stamping and come back to activate her H1 B. Please advice.

H4 petition for my wife was filed by my Employer on June 6th 2011.

H1 Petition for my wife was filed by her employer through Premium Processing on September 7th 2011 while her H4 petition is pending.

H4 petition for my wife is approved by USCIS on September 14th 2011 with Validity from Sept 14th 2011 till Sept 30 2012 - which is validity of my H1.

H1 petition for my wife is approved by USCIS on September 15th 2011 with Validity from Oct 1st 2011 till Sep 30 2014 - 3 years.

My questions are,

1) Do we need to do anything to Deactivate my H4 as both are approved now? we want H1 B status.

2) Do we need to go out of US and get visa stamping to activate my wife's H1B?

3) we received our H4 approval notice today and noticed that the H4 petition was approved on Sep14th starting validity from September 14th, so is there any problem if she worked during Sep14th till OCT 1st? she worked and i am concerned about that.

Thank you.

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