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It really does not matter whether it is normal or not. The law says you should retain the earlier PD, so it is not up to the USCIS procedures (aka date on your new petition) whether you retain it. All you need is proof of an earlier date.

Hi Mr Belle, I also have the same kind of issue. I have a copy of the I 140 receipt notice. (The employer has not given me a copy of the approval notice(. Will that suffice? Thanks in advance

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To rohtipatel:

I am in the similar situation as yours. My priority date is current as per previously approved but now revoked I-140 is of Oct 2008. I have current I-140 with my present employer with priority date of March 2011. The lawyer sent a request to port the dates but it never got ported and no reason was given. I am filing 485 based on priority date from previous I-140. I would like to know your results of your case. I, think you should be able to port the date. Please post your experience here.

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