Planning to go to Tijuana - Sharing info and accomdation needed


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Hey folks,

I am planning to go Tijuana, MX in last week of October. Please if anybody would like to join me or share any info and accommodation, let me know.

Waited 1 yr. to get better visa stamping issues, but I don't have patience, still its the same issues.

I am planning to go to Tijuana like this:

1. Contacting attorney :

2. Taking help of Transport and Hotel from MAS agent :

3. Please let me know better option than above.


1. My US visa is expired on my passport though I have my H1 papers until 2013. Should I need to have Mexican visa or Mexican permit (at the border would work)?

2. In worst cases if they reject visa or place 221g query on my passport and tell to go back to home country, can I come back to US as my US visa already expired?

3. I don't have a client letter( but they provide the my info from vendor management from the client side, is it ok?

Please give other suggestion or any tips, appreciate your help in advance.



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