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Hi All,

This topic was already a published one. But after the forum has been updated to new system I can not find all the topic that i did "pop it for me".

Hence I am re asking the process.

Actually my I140 got approved recently under EB2 India. My company attorney said, it is company's policy not to give the I140 approval copy to the employees. The attorney however told me the Ailen No which is assigned by the USCIS with the I140 approval. I also have the receipt no of the I140.

Now if i change job some time in the future, i would need the I140 approval copy to retain my priority date (I learned it from the forum)? As i dont have the approval copy what are my options ?

Can i get a copy from the USCIS? Some experts in the forum posted earlier that using FOIA they were able to get the I140 approval copy. If some one kindly list the steps below how to get a copy i will be very greatful. Also if it requires any fees what so ever.


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Can someone answer this question, i too have the same question. i dont have the I-140 approval notice from my previous employer, however i have the Receipt number.

i read in some other forums where an attorney answered saying, receipt number is enough for porting the priority date as the USCIS will look up my case using the receipt number.

can someone reply. thanks.

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