H1 stamping in Singapore (not home country) during a business trip


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I am an Indian citizen who has been working in the US since 2007 on a H1 visa. I have a Master's degree from the US.

I have a business trip coming up to Singapore that I have to go to, but my H1 stamp on my passport has expired. I have an extended I-797 that is valid till Sep 2013 but I will still need to get a new H1 stamp on my passport before returning back to the US.

My questions:

1) Will the visa officer at the US Embassy in Singapore have any problems with me getting a stamp in Singapore instead of going to India (my home country)? I have no plans of going to India on this trip since it is an official trip (and this is also my first trip to in Singapore). I have invitation letter etc. from the company manager in Singapore who requested my presence there. Is that sufficient reason to convince the visa officer that I need to get my visa stamped in Singapore itself?

2) What support documents will I need to bring with me during my visa interview? (I just started my 5th year of H1. This is the first time I am travelling out of the country since my visa extension in 2010.)

3) Any other tips for a successful visa interview (no admin processing, pink/blue slips etc.)?

Thanks in advance!

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Anybody have any experience with stamping in Singapore or any other 3rd country (that is not their home country). I will really appreciate any insight to what documents I will need to bring to make the visa appointment go smoothly.


Hi saintforlife,

I am also having my stamp here in singapore probably by the middle of the month coz im working here. I am not sure on your case though you can email the us embassy in singapore. They reply to you within 1 -2 business days. here is the email address cleardot.gifsupport@ustraveldocs.com

I have emailed them on what are the steps and they replied as follows:

Below are the steps to be followed:

1.Pay the visa fee payment

2. Fill up the DS-160 online application and print out the Confirmation Page

3. Schedule the appointment

4. Print Appointment Letter

You may walk in to the interview with the requirement documents as below:

Mandatory Documents

1. Original Passport

2. DS-160 Confirmation Page

3. Standard Chartered payment receipt

4. Appointment Letter

5. 1 photo (2 by 2 inches with white background)

For supporting documents, you may refer to:


Please be advised that you will receive appointment letter in your email. Print it out and bring it on the day of interview. Arrive at the Embassy 15 minutes before the time listed on your appointment.For the safety and security of all applicants and employees,visa applicants are NOT PERMITTED to bring any kind of electronic and battery-operated devices

(cellular phone, digital camera, laptop, music player, portable game consoles such as PSP, etc.) into the U.S. Embassy. Applicants who bring such devices will be denied entry. Please check the website www.ustraveldocs.com/ph for the security policy which includes a list of additional prohibited items.

Hope this helps!

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@makjl29 - Thanks for your reply! I have all the documents that I could think of and then some with me for the interview. Hopefully it will go smoothly.

@kaervas - I had a friend in Singapore who paid the fees at the local bank and gave me the receipt number which I used to book my appointment online in advance. Do you have a friend in Malaysia who can do that for you? Because that is the only way you can book your appointment before actually landing in the country.

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