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I sent an email to the VFS and below was the response: I don't know what this means

Thank you for writing to us,

This is to inform you that VFS has not received the passport as yet; it is still in possession of U.S Consulate. Further, you can track the status of your passport via the following means after the day of your visa interview:

  • Go to home page click on link ‘Track Passport Delivery’ and follow the instructions.
  • Send a mobile phone SMS message to 57333 and type “VISA US [place your passport number]”.
  • Call up at 0120-6611411

If the Passport has been handed over to VFS, You have the option to collect your passport across the counter at the VFS Application Centre located in the city you were interviewed between 16:00HRS-17:00HRS the very same day. Passports not collected across the counter will be immediately couriered to the delivery address intimated by you at the time of scheduling the interview appointment. You may obtain the Airway bill no. of your shipment through the "Track Passport Delivery "Link. Log on to the Blue Dart website www.bluedart.com to get an estimate of passport delivery Status.

Documents required for Non-Immigration Passport Collection:-

On Personal Collection:- If applicant is collecting the passport then you need to carry the Original HDFC receipt and Govt. Photo ID Proof.

On behalf of applicant:- The representative needs to carry the Original HDFC receipt, Authority letter from the applicant and Govt. Photo ID proof of the representative.

VFS US Visa Application Center

No. 14, New Number. 4

Sadasivam Street



Timings: 8:00Am – 1:00Pm & 2:00Pm – 3:00Pm (Monday – Friday)

Passport collection time: 16:00HRS-17:00HRS (Monday – Friday)

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Hi All

i did two mistakes before the interview will it give a problem for me in this process..

i forgot to give my wife and baby details in DS-160, they had valid H4 visa till oct 2012..

and another..in my resume i have given all client details where i worked instead of petitioner, actually we have show our experience with our petitioner only..

i am thinking about this now..please let me know will it be a problem or not

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@vijaisekar: You said "employer to send a letter to uscis on client change and submit the same to the consulate"---> What kind of letter do you mean? Is it amended I129? Is there any format for that?

My employer says this is first of its kind that they are finding this situation. They say that revised LCA is enough to update the consulate on change of client. And for many people in the company, stamping has gone through with this kind. However, noone is sure if the USCIS rules have changed on this.

People like us are stuck like this for no reasons!

P.S: Is there anyway I can get responses or this thread through email?

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@shinujoy - to my knowledge u shd not submit any docs until n unless requested for in 221g. go with what ur employer says and good luck.


this is kiran and I need some help on my case.

My Case at Chennai Consulate:

Visa Interview Date : 08/24/2011

Visa Status : Approved

Submitted : Passport after interview(No other documents)

Passport Status : Admin Processing.

But today (9th nov), I got a call from U.S Consulate that Admin Processing is over and they issued 221(g) letter to me. My question , if they issue 221(g), what are the possibilites of getting yellow and blue slips.

Which one is better.because after the interview,VO didn't ask any documents except passport. i am scaring on 221(g). please help me out in this issue.



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@kiran - 221g is itself a slip that is been issued by the consulate for ap. it may be any color. go and get that 221g slip from vfs and u will know for urself. i believe they would have asked for some docs. but having said that its already more than 2 months for u and its strange they have sent u 221g slip now after sayin visa is approved. hope for the best

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Had interview @chennai on oct 18th and got 221g blue form but dd not ask for any additional documents but said needs additional administrative processing. its been 3 weeks and still no emails from consulate to submit the passport.

The client was contacted and the response was sent back to consulate. When contacted the DOS they say its still PENDING.

For 221g blue, are u guys able to track the case number on the website?

i see the batch numbers closer to my batch numbers getting updated to ISSUED.

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@vijaisekar. I checked all my document it did not got lost it return back from them. anyways i got same client letter with updated date and submitted it again.

Visa Interview Date : 07 - Sep - 2011

1st Documents Submit Date - 09-Sep -2011

Courier Back Date from VFS - 24 - Oct -2011

Client Letter Submit Date - 28 - Oct -2011.

Now it will be again 6 weeks wait time for me...


Yesterday i got my courior back and now i got new 221g Green asking all pritition document with DS160, I129, LCA, ect. Now i will be submitting third time the same documents which i provided before. Not sure what they require.

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I've sent e-mail to chennai VFS regarding my 221g status, they forwarded it to consulate and I got a reply yesterday from chennainiv stating that it is currently under review by a consular officer suggesting me to wait till their process is finished.

FYI, mine is EC model and submitted docs on Sep-12

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Hi everyone! I am new to this forum. I also went through the disappointment of receiving a 221g green slip (at New Delhi) during my H1B stamping interview. And I have already received a denial.

Unfortunately in my case, the document submission (that was stated on the green slip) got extremely delayed....because of some family issues, travel and then my employer's attorney was travelling, etc. It was a sad difficult phase of my life. Anyways, I had submitted my documents almost 50 days after the visa interview, and the rejection letter was issued just 2 weeks after they received my documents. They sent the letter to me much later though. But I feel that they did not even do any administrative processing in my case, and just issued the rejected letter as soon as they received my document package.

I have a Masters degree in USA and had been working there for last 2 yrs.

Quoting the main statements from the rejection letter:

"Based on the documents you have submitted to us, and the information elicited in your interview with an American Consular Officer, we are not able to issue you an H1-B temporary work visa, because:

Your petitioner does not appear to be either able or willing to provide qualifying employment in the United States in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations.

For your information, your visa was refused today under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Essentially, this section states that a visa cannot be issued to anyone whose application does not appear to the Consular Officer to meet the requirements of the INA or of the regulations thereunder."

1) If anyone on this forum unfortunately received a denial too, can you possibly share what the rejection letter stated. I want to know how unique my case is, or if this is a blanket statement they make on most rejection letters.

2) A friend of mine in USA is getting married next month, and is inviting me. If I applied for a visit visa now (i.e 2 months after H1B rejection), what are my chances of B2 approval. Any advice on this process? I have already got a job here in India and will also get a letter from my employer stating that I am working for them and will be on leave for 10 days in December. So it gives a valid reason for my return. Of course I will put together other documentation as well, family ties, bank balance, invitation card/letter, etc.

Would really love to hear your thoughts/suggestions for my case. All help appreciated. Thanks so much!!

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Will H1B amendment require a person to appear for a visa interview again? When Visa officer has marked to submit passport and documents to VFS in 221G, will this be enough? or to appear for visa interview again?

I heard premium processing might take more than a month. It is November and December, best holiday seasons in US...

We have waited for so long, and again if we need to wait, it is such a pain!

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