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Hi guyz,

Have some good news to share.

I got back all the documents with the same 221G form with a note 'please send passport written on the same'

I submitted my docs on 11 th of October and i am a direct employee.

I am currently outside India will take couple of days to reach chennai.

Hope to get the stamping soon.

will keep you posted guyz on the same.

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@pranavi,Thank you.

I was in the fourth week of processing and i didnt send email to US consulate requesting for the status.so i dont know what my status was.The only thing i got back was the docs with the same green form with a handreturn note saying please submit passport.Sorry i dont have an answer for you.

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Hi All,

I had an interview at chennai consulate on 19th Oct 2011 and received a green 221g form saying "returning passport until admin process complete".

The VO did not ask for additional documentation- she did not check any fields asking for anything...

She was searching for a letter to USCIS in which my employer must mention my vendor's name( which we had submitted while filing petition). I gave her my vendor letter and client letter but she wasnt satisfied.

I am still waiting for the response from consulate.

Should I submit the documents again even if I am not requested any?

- Should i be seding

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@pranavi2008, I sent an email to the VFS only once and this was the response:

This is to inform you that your application is pending under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for mandatory administrative processing. Please note that there is no definite time for administrative processing. When administrative processing is required, the timing will vary depending on circumstances of each case. Be assured that the U.S. Consulate will contact you if the administrative processing is complete or if they require additional information.

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Hi pranavi2008,

My visa interview date was sep7th and i submitted docs on sep15.

sep29th i got this reply:"This is in response to your inquiry. Our Consular record shows that we have received your documents and the case is under review "

After that i got this reply :"This is in response to your inquiry. Consular Records show that your case is under review. We will contact you on completion of this review."

oct 18th i got this reply:"This is in response to your inquiry. Please wait for the 221g letter. Consular records show that the same was sent out to you through VFS on October 11, 2011. By now you must have received it, else, you may please contact VFS @ 0120 6611411."

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This is for H1Bnew.

I have a change of client so my employer said it is enough to update LCA as the visa is location specific. So with all documents along with new LCA and client letter, attended the visa interview at Chennai Consulate recently. Got a Green 221G form asking for proof that USCIS received letter showing change of client and not LCA. When there was a change of client, I asked my employer on the documents which need to be amended. They said that only the LCA needs to be updated and not any other form. What an irony?

Visa officer did not check any fields asking for anything but she wrote the lines given above...

I had shown her the client invite letter and new LCA but she was not convinced and gave this form.

Anyone, please tell me what you did for such case. Do they need new I129 to be amended? Heard this will take a long time...How can this be advanced further?



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@priyaviswa - sorry to hear about your case. ur employer should have amended i129 along with the lca. just updating the lca with new client is not enough as the rules have changed. i guess u can always do it in premium which would take 10 to 15 days. i doubt ur employer would have sent a letter to uscis on client change. ur employer is the one to be blamed...amend the i129 in premium and submit it to consulate and hope for the best. keep us updated.


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@vijaisekar: The lady did not check any options in the green slip but she wrote just the note. So my employer says that she does not ask for amended I129 but a proof for client change. They are saying this is something new that they are finding in my case though 90% of cases are like this with client change. Are you sure that the rules have changed and that I129 needs to be amended? or only the justification letter could be changed?

I am unable to find my case status online also. What could be the reason?

Did you get your stamping?

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@priyaviswa - when there is a change in client the i129 need to be amended as well as i have mentioned before. Just LCA wont suffice and there is no exception to this. when the VO was not willing to accept the changed LCA then how would u think she will just take in a letter? isn't new LCA not a proof for client change? but still she didnt accept that right? well you can always ask your employer to send a letter to uscis on client change and submit the same to the consulate. its upto u. BTW i am also on the same boat with 221g but my case is different than your's and i am still waiting

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Hello everyone,

Firstly, thanks to everyone on this forum for sharing their experiences with dates. Really gives some hope that visa stamping is afterall possible following a 221g. Also, congratulations to those who got their stamping after the painful waiting period. I am confident we all will get it.. matter of time (easier said than when felt!)

Well here are my details:

Interview attended: Oct 31, 2011. (Chennai Consulate)

(Received 221g green form to submit petitioner documents and NOT passport.)

Documents submitted: Nov 8, 2011.

Now the wait starts with all hopes awaiting a positive response.

Thanks All,


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Hello Priya,

As I was reading through the forum, I noticed your post. Sorry about it. It's surely not your fault as its the employer's and/or attorney's responsibility to file H1B-Amendment.

I had a change of client and was advised that H1B Amendment is necessary (apart from LCA approval from Dept of Labor). I applied for the same on premium processing and got an approval aswell.

Offlate this has become a main focus at the Consulate asking to show approved I-797 for recent client. (I-129, LCA and client letter should all be having your recent client details).

So kindly consult your employer/attorney to file for H1B Amendment under premium processing and you should be all good from there.

Hope this helps!



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This is a new H1B visa with direct full time employment. Attend visa interview in chennai consulate on Oct-19-2011, got blue 221G to submit all employer documents, Submitted all the documents on the same day in vfs drop box, on 25th Oct got another 221G green slip marking AP.

My approved petition has returned to USCIS for review, Is my visa rejected or denied? if not how long will it take to get a update from USCIS??? what are the chance for reaffirmation??

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