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@blueneo6: Thank you..Yes, There was an employer verification done. I came to know this through my manager. Don't know the specifics of what all they asked.

@kg.iitd: I apologize for that. That was written by mistake. I was jus asked only the copy of the petition as filed to USCIS and the copy of employment letter. I am a full time employee in my company.

@Sanera901: Thank you.. I hope I get it stamped soon.

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This is the 7th week and I am still waiting. When I called up the DOS they said it is under administration processing, Is this different from the usual processing? I submitted the docs on 6th Sep, and it seems like cases have been processed that were submitted after this date. I am a bit confused about this!! Also, I saw a post earlier that wait time for admin processing case could be 60 business days! Is that true? By the way I work directly to the company

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I have a fundamental question...

I am from manufacturing industry headquarters in the US.I dont have a vendor as such i work as a full time employee directly to the employer.Iam very much confused about these EVC EVVC models in IT.Even when I was asked about petitioner docs my company has sent seperate letters stating i work directly for my company.

IS this EVC, EVVC,model is applicable only to IT???

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@tarivu: As far as I know there will be only 2 kinds of response that would show up when you feed ur passport number

1)Your Passport is under process at U.S Embassy/Consulate.

2)Your passport is ready for pick up.

So it makes sense to track the passport only after you submit your passport to VFS as it always shows (1) the rest of the time.

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Let me share some news not positive :(

I submitted documents on 09/09/2011.

Courier Back Date 10/24/2011.

Today got call from vfs that my courier came back i went to office and open the courier it came back with 221g green now they are asking Client Letter which i already provided on 09/09/2011. not sure what to do but talking with the Employer. May be i need to resubmit it again

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