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@Srini_221G@Aug26 - Congrats...Just a quick question..Did you get an email as well as a courier from the consulate or just the courier with all the documents? When i called up VFS, they say that i will get a call/email from the consulate when they are done processing my case.

@pranavi2008 - When you say you contacted the chennai consulate, did you call them up? When can we start calling them/DOS? I submitted my docs on Sep 29, 2011. So far, it has been only 9 working days at the consulate.

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@jay12344 - Sorry to hear about your case buddy but i am sure u will get your visa soon. Well client letter should be good for point 5, in point since it also mentions copy of contract between petitioner and client company. So you need to get this as well. Good luck and hope for the best. Please post any updates u may have and keep this posting alive


Actually in point 6, they have asked for "Letter from the client company sponsoring the project " along with contract..

so i was just wondering if they require any other doc, other than Client manager letter?

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Anybody got response from the consulate?

I am into my 5th week of waiting and still no response. I checked with my employer and they said that employee verification was done. It seems they did it 2 weeks after submission of the documents.

My case details:

Visa Interview Date : 09/09/2011

221g : Green Slip (No passport)

Docs Submitted :Employer related docs (client letter, employee-employer contract etc)

Docs Submitted Date : 09/14/2011

Employee verification : 09/30/2011

Email Receipt Date : Waiting...

Model : Full time, Masters in US

Please let me know if anybody took interview during the same time frame.


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@chn_221g_green - Did u try calling DOS or consulate? try calling DOS to see if they have any updates on your case. Well the typical time frame once all the documents are submitted in Chennai is 4-6 weeks if we r lucky enough. So u have 1 more week to go to see if this is the case with u as well. Also you can see the previous posts here that guys are getting positive responses (Srini_221G@Aug26, pranavi..) from consulate, so be optimistic

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Following are my details

Interview Date : Sep 12, 2011

Visa denied with 221g green form, was asked to submit most of employer related documents, paystubs for 2011 and bank statement.

Docs Submitted : Sep 29, 2011

Email received : None

Engagement Model : EVVC

I called up the consulate today and was told that they have sent me another 221g form through VFS already. I called up VFS to check if they have couriered it to me. But it looks like they have no info about it and told that i will get a mail directly from consulate. VFS and DOS say that my case is under mandatory administrative processing. I dont seem to understand what is really going on. Is anyone else in the same state as i am in now?

@srini_221G@Aug26 - When you said you received the courier the day when the consulate posted it, did you actually see the letter dated the same day? I am in Tamilnadu though not in chennai. Not sure how long i need to wait to get the letter

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I completed 3 years of h1b. filed visa extention on sep 2010 still initial review mean while project got changed filed amedend pritition but no answer.

Then file a new transfer h1b got RFE then Denied (EVC Modal).

Then file h1b transfer to the Vendor. got approved till 2014 but did not got I-94. so i came back to india for visa stamping.

My case details:

Visa Interview Date(Chennai) : 09/07/2011

221g : Green Slip (No passport)

Docs Submitted :Employer related docs (client letter, employer contract with client etc, employer notirasation letter for list of employees and salary, unemployment letter), 3 years pay slip,all W2

Docs Submitted Date : 09/09/2011 (Ahemedabad VFS)

Email Receipt Date : Waiting...

I got lot of argument with the lady who took my visa interview as she was not readdy to check all my document as i was having all documents.i went 3 times to her then she got angry and she tick all document to be presented.

don't know what will happend with my case.

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Hi Folks,

I got another 221g green form asking to submit the below doc

A copy of the petition with all the supporting documents as filed to USCIS.

The officer had specifically written "Letter as sent to USCIS". I thought that i had submitted the letter, I797, I129 and LCA. What exactly is the letter that the consulate is looking for? I am confused now. Can someone help me understand what should we submit for the above?


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hi h1visaseeker,

when applying for extension in USA,ur employer will send documents to uscis .The vo officer looking for same bundle.

For my extension employer submitted following docs:

1)client and vendor letters

2)copies of passport,student visa,i-94

3)old i-797 copy


5)ms and bachelors degree copies

6)letter from petitioner and lca

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@h1visaseeker - They r looking for the petition which is I129 and all the supporting documents that ur employer sent to USCIS while applying for H1. He would have also sent a letter addressed to USCIS justifying why they r hiring u r sponsoring u and things. So consulate is looking for this as well. You said consulate gave u 221g with most of the options checked then how come u didn't submit these before?

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@221g_SEP9_2011 - did u try calling the consulate and DOS? they may have some updates. Since u r already into 6th week after submitting documents i think u should be expecting to hear something as the typical wait time in Chennai after docs r submitted is 4-6 weeks. Be optimistic and all will be good. We are all in the same boat buddy, there's nothing much we can do rather than hope for the best. Good luck

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Hi Pranavi. Did they tell u that case is under final review ?? My case is pending from past 9 months and after calling DOS I got this information ...

Please update

Hi Guys...

I called DOS they said still under review..they are not providing any information how long it is going to be take...

i am getting tension day by day....delay...

This is real torture for us......

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@h1visaseeker - they are looking for the petition I129 along with all the supporting documents that ur employer sent to uscis while applying for H1. Apart from this he would have also addressed USCIS with a letter justifying why they r in need of you or why they r sponsoring u and so u need to sent this letter as well to consulate and that's what they are they are looking for

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