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Guys, I got 221g green back in June at Delhi consulate and my visa got approved after 5.5 months. I know how much pain it causes but no other choice for all of us. So patiently wait till you get your visa. My case details:

VI Date : 28-June-2011

Form : 221g Green

Docs Submitted : 29-June 2011

Model : EC

Client contact : 17-Oct-2011

Visa Approved : 21-Nov-2011

Hope this helps.

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Hi Friends

my openion there is no use to contact DOS or consular office, in the updated site also they mentioned this clearly please don't call or send emails we could not provide any update on the cases for green and other forms except pink..once complete the process we will contact you by mail or phone......pink can track on the pdf

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@parnavi2008: This list is for 221G green slip or some other slip as I am unable to find my case details in this list.

@pranavi: Thanks for sharing this info.

I couldnt find my case numner in the list. Does anyone know what can be done about this.

As mentioned in the following link that list is for 221g pink slip candidates only. So don't worry guys...Lets hope for the best


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Got 221g green form after my interview at Chennai consulate. Was interviewed three separate times by different people, in separate cubicles, after my initial window interview with the VO....was asked to sign a sworn statement....finally issued 221g form with all documents checked......

Interview date: 27-Aug-2011.

Currently preparing documents requested.

Model : EVC

Submitted docs two weeks back, along with passport. VFS guy had earlier said it would take around 3-4 business days to process, but it certainly has been more than that now. Tracking passport only provides "Your passport is under process at the US Consulate/Embassy". Anyone else who submitted docs along with passport who got it back? Wat seems to be the turn around time?

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