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I am starting this new thread in continuation to the already existing thread- as i wanted to change the topic name to SEP/OCT tracker as it will be appropriate for all of us in 221G boat to track our cases. Please follow the existing topic and post all your cases and updates regarding 221g in Chennai here and lest hope and be optimistic that we all will get the visa soon.

Good Luck,


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My Case at Chennai Consulate:

Visa Interview Date : 08/26/2011

221g : Green Slip (No passport)

Docs Submitted :Employer related docs

Docs Submitted Date : 09/02/2011

Email Receipt Date : Waiting... ( 4 weeks and counting....)

I am hoping that they take 4-6 weeks to respond for green slip cases without passport submission... every week passing by after 4 weeks is a killer...

All the best to all of you out there going through this agony...



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@Srini_221G@Aug26 - sorry to hear about your case buddy, but i am sure you will get a positive response very soon. I know that this wait is irritating but what else to do buddy, things are like that. BTW did you try calling DOS? they may have some kind of updates.if possible post your interview experience and what all employer related docs you had submitted. Be optimistic and please keep this posting alive with any updates you may have in the coming weeks


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My wife received green form at Chennai consulate today (03-Oct-11). She is working on E-V-V-C model. We don't have much hopes since documents requested are too many.

A copy of the petition with all supporting documents as filed to USCIS.

2) A copy of the employment contract or letter of agreement signed by you and the petitioner.

3) Petitioners Income Tax Return for the last two tax years and financial statements.

4) A notarized list of all the petitioners employees of the job site listed. the list should show all employees names, their specific job titles start and end dates and their individual salaries and immigration status.

5) A copy of the contract between the US employment agency(petitioner) and the job site (the location where you will actually work).

6) A letter ( on letterhead) from the personnel department at the US job site stating that there is a vacancy for you.

7) A letter from the client company sponsoring the project and a copy of the contract between the US based petitioner and the client company, stating the timing, terms and agreement for your project.

8) A detailed and specific description of the internal development project to which you will be assigned. Include a complete technical description of the project, employer, timeline, current status, number of employees assigned, worksite location and marketing analysis for the final project.

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My Case at Hyd Consulate:

Visa Interview Date : 05/17/2011

221g : Blue Slip (No passport)

Docs Submitted :NO docs needed

Result : Denied for LCA and I129 not showing the same client name after 8 weeks.

Applied for a new H1b with same employer and new inhouse project ( I lost the job at the last client) . I didnt get the date at hyd so

I went for interview @ chennai with new H1

Visa date : Sep 2nd 2011

221g : Green form with all the left hand side ticked

Docs submitted : Sep 19th 2011

Result: still waiting.

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@devrad - sorry to know that buddy, its unfortunate. even i was requested all those documents which is basically all the 221g green form has. I am yet to submit them. I don't understand the logic behind they approving H1 petition and then when we go for stamping handing over these forms. anyway if possible please post the interview questions and keep this post alive by updating the status as often as u can once u submit those documents. btw when r u planning to submit those documents?

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@Visa Torture May 2011 - i think the typical wait time for 221g green in Chennai is 4-6 weeks once all the docs has been been submitted. So i guess u will hear back some positive news in 2-3 weeks. also did u try calling DOS? i guess that will be useful in knowing the updates. Be patient and hope for the best and please post any updates u may have in here

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Questions were simple

1) Name of your company

2) Client name and address

3) Annual Salary

4) Job description

Did you submit all the required documents. If so how long it took for you to collect all the required documents. We have requested our employer. Let me see when they will provide all those information. So it is common for Green form to provide all the 7 documents.

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I already posted my interview experience at

To keep my case alive, I am continuing it in this thread

Interview date: Aug-29-2011

Consulate: Chennai

Model: EC

Query type: 221g green with passport

Docs submitted at Hyd VFS on: Sep-12-2011, I didn't submit my passport because I need to travel to other country

Approval: Not yet

Waiting since: 3.5 weeks

After living in U.S for 11 years without any gap in between, I never expected this ****.

The frustrating thing is, the mindless VO marked for internal project details (with a smiling face) even though I clearly mentioned to her that I am working for end client. She didn't even ask a single document from me on that day

I am not sure what is going on with these VOs, they are getting excited in issuing these 221gs and deliberately playing with the professionals that are working for consulting firms.

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@nrkiran1 - i feel your pain buddy. even i am in the same situation. i don't understand why do they approve our H1 petition and do all these things when we go for stamping. If they had any issues then they should have done all of it while approving the H1 petition and not while when we go for stamping. anyway what can we do buddy, things are that way. just be patient and hope for the best. I am sure u will hear some positive news soon

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Hi Vijay,

Could you please let me know what information do we need to provide for the below request.

1) A detailed and specific description of the internal development project to which you will be assigned. Include a complete technical description of the project, employer, timeline, current status, number of employees assigned, worksite location and marketing analysis for the final project.

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@devrad - since u said your wife is working for some client under E-V-V-C model, i don't think you need the internal project description. This is needed only if we are working directly for our employers inhouse project which is not the case for your wife i guess. So provide the contract and the client letter and make sure that your wife's employer prepare a letter to consulate stating this fact that it is a client engagement and not internal development. These VO's dont take all this info consideration and just blindly check all the options in 221g form. hope this information is suffices your need.

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Hi Vijay..

they asked me below documents::

last 0n1 year paystubs and bank staement

LCA and Petitioner side all documents including last 3 years financial statements

Total employees list, their salary and Designations.

documents which we submitted while applied for H1B petition.

i carried all the documents along with me to consulate...i told to VO also that i have all the documents now..she didn't listen anything and gave me 221g green..

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@pranavi - yea even i had most of the documents at the time of interview but the lady VO did the same to me as she did to u and just handed me the 221g green. Anyway lets hope for the best outcome soon and also as i mentioned earlier the typical wait time after the documents are submitted is anywhere between 4-6 weeks in Chennai if we are lucky. So try calling the DOS # i gave u weekly twice and be optimistic.


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Hi Vijay,

Thank you for the information. I have requested all the documents from my wife's employer including the letter to consulate. They are going to mail the documents tomorrow to india. Hopefully in another week or so would able to submit the documents.

Do you know any case with E-V-V-C model got approved at chennai consulate? I know chances are low, if not we will try with H4 Visa as next option

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I have a 221(g) from Chennai issued in Sep. Mine became a complicated case because I refused to sign a statement against my previous employer.

I have a Master's from the US and have been living there for a little over 10 years with my I-140 approved and have been with the same employer. Went for stamping in early June with EVC model - got 221(g) and later a denial.

Moved to vendor (EC model) and went to Chennai for stamping. Everything was going great until the VO saw something on the computer about my previous denial and went inside to discuss with someone. Later he sent me to a separate counter where a desi guy asked to sign a statement against my previous employer. I refused because my previous employer (desi) had never given me any problems and I was never on bench. I felt I was being bullied and stood my ground about not signing. I was sent back to the VO (american) who issued a 221(g) green saying he cannot issue a visa while the previous petition is open. He returned all my documents with a note saying I need to get my previous petition revoked from USCIS.

Now my problem is this: my previous employer is in no mood to revoke the petition - he wants to wait and get reaffirmation. The new employer is in no mood to wait for too long. What are my options?

I have been posting in various posts requesting some advice but no one seems to know the answer really. Who do I ask? I spoke to an immigration lawyer whose answers were not satisfactory. Please help me - give me some suggestions. Someone? Experts?

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@hatestamping - sorry to hear about your case buddy. I have come across a similar case like yours in one of a post and in that case the guy did sign the letter that the VO asked him to sign against his old employer and then once he signed that letter then right after that his visa was approved. Well in your case i believe if u would have signed the letter you would have got your visa approved at that time itself. But since tyou refused to do so VO handed u 221g green.

Getting your previous petiton reaffimed will take some time may be 6-7 months. You can track your old petiton status with ur EAC # and see what it shows. Having said that revoking your old petition is something your old employer has to do and since he is in no mood there's nothin much u can do about it then requesting him again or else just wait till it gets reaffirmed. BTW did you submit all the documents in 221g that was given from your new petiton?

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