F1 in USA ----Sevis terminated and applied to H4 for COS


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my wife came to USA on F1 Student visa...and her SEVIS got terminated as she didn't enroll in the college on time...later we applied Reinstatement with another college acceptance letter..........when she came on F1, my status is EAD and now i applied H1 and Also applied H4 as change of status for her.....Now i got H1-B approved with condition that i have to leave country and get stamped......so she being out of status and she cant get H4 status as i have to get stamped outside US.....the question is the reinstatement that i applied for her also got denied......so can she stay in US now or have to leave the country immediately? will there be any grace period?

even if she attend H4 in india, will there be any problem for her at embassy?

any comments or suggestions would help....


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