any one going to ottawa on oct 18

Daniel kin

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I have scheduled an appointment for Tue 10/18 at Ottawa. I hope to get the Canadian visa a day before at Buffalo. I plan to drive from Buffalo to Ottawa.

Two questions;

1. Is it fair to assume that I'll get the Canadian visa the same day I apply for it?

2. My current US visa stamp has expired. Will that cause any problem for the Canadian authorities?

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@sathishmca3,@Daniel kin

I hope you both got visas in Ottawa today. Congratulations!!

Please share your number or info how it went. I am planning to to Visa stamping there.

I am debating Nuevo Laredo, MX with Ottawa, Canada.

please let me know your suggestions, based on your experience. And howz the situation there...mean..%getting visa, etc( Is there any situation they are sending to India from there).

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