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1. If I subscribe, will send me a lot of things I do not want?

MurthyBulletin subscribers are on our mailing list to receive ONLY the weekly MurthyBulletin and any NewsFlashes that are deemed important enough to mail out. Most NewsFlashes are only posted on our index page, and a notice is included in the next MurthyBulletin. Some news, however, can be critical to many individuals at a particular stage of their process. We make a judgment call and send NewsFlashes only when we believe it is important enough to do so.

2. I tried to subscribe, but didn't get the bulletin. What could have happened?

We employ a double opt-in feature to subscribe to the MurthyBulletin so that you cannot be subscribed by a third party or through a misunderstanding on our part. You must confirm your subscription, so that we can be sure you are receiving the MurthyBulletin because you want it! You may have to check your Spam or Junk folder to see if the eMail from us was diverted when it was received. You may also have to speak with your administrator if the problem persists.

3. Will you share my eMail ID with others? I am trying to be very careful to avoid receiving SPAM.

We at MurthyDotCom protect your eMail ID. We will only send you the MurthyBulletin or other time-sensitive news regarding U.S. immigration matters.

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