Real-time, online question-and-answer sessions with Attorney Sheela Murthy.


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1. What is the MurthyChat and how is it different from the forum?

The MurthyForum is open to the Internet to view and to the forum community to post. Attorneys from the Murthy Law Firm visit the forum to clarify the law and respond to some questions. The MurthyChat, however, is a live session with Attorney Sheela Murthy. Questions are submitted and selected by the Screener, who forwards these to Ms. Murthy for her response. The purpose of both the MurthyChat and the MurthyForum is to clarify the law.

2. When is the MurthyChat held?

The schedule for the next chat session is always posted at

3. May I submit my question ahead of time?

Questions cannot be submitted ahead of time, but we do have transcripts of past sessions available at These can be reviewed and searched, to see if your question has been posed by others in previous chat sessions.

4. How can I find out more about the MurthyChat?

FAQs on the MurthyChat are posted at

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