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1. Why was this forum started and who operates it?

This forum is offered by the Murthy Law Firm as a FREE resource on U.S. immigration law. Like MurthyDotCom, it is used by immigrants, employers, teachers, students, and others seeking information on U.S. immigration law.

2. My question / response isn't showing up. Is something wrong?

The MurthyForum is moderated. Postings go into a queue and are read by our moderators before being released to the forum. Postings are reviewed for appropriateness of content and to be sure they abide by the rules of the forum. Unfortunately, there are those who do not treat other members respectfully or who seek to use this forum to sell products or services. This is not allowed and such postings are blocked by our moderators. If you see such postings, please report them by forwarding the offending message to forum@murthy.com

3. I included some personal information in my post that I would like to remove. How can I do this?

Please be sure you are comfortable with your posting before submitting it! Once you submit your post, you will NOT be able to edit or delete it. The webmaster makes every attempt to help those who have posted a message in error, but with many tens of thousands of members, we appreciate your taking care when composing your message.

4. I want others to be able to contact me, but the rules do not allow me to post my eMail address. What can I do?

You are allowed to include your eMail ID in your profile. You may direct other members to find your eMail ID there.

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