FAQs on the Murthy Law Firm - where we are located, who we are, and how to hire us for your immigration matter.


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1. Where is the Murthy Law Firm located? How far away can I live for them to be able to represent me in my immigration case?

Although the Murthy Law Firm is located in Owings Mills, Maryland, a northwestern suburb of Baltimore, we are able to represent clients regardless of their location. This is because immigration law is purely federal in nature. No state in the United States is allowed to pass legislation on immigration under the doctrine of preemption. Our use of technology makes the distance between our office and each client a non-issue, while every case receives our personal care and attention.

2. Who is Attorney Murthy?

The Murthy Law Firm was founded by Attorney Sheela Murthy in 1994. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Ms. Murthy is an immigrant herself and empathizes with the stressful process her clients are enduring. She has trained a hand-picked team of legal and client service professionals to care for her clients and has built a reputation that is known internationally.

3. If I am considering hiring the Murthy Law Firm, what should I do?

Call our office between 8:30am and 5pm (Eastern time), Monday through Friday to speak with a representative, or eMail us at law@murthy.com with the specifics of your case, indicating that you would like to inquire about engaging our services. You may visit our website at http://www.murthy.com/repre.html for more details.

4. I am not ready to hire an immigration attorney at this time. What is the best place to look for more answers to my questions?

Extensive articles and FAQs on U.S. immigration law and surrounding topics can be found on MurthyDotCom (http://www.murthy.com/). Attorney Murthy also conducts a regular live chat, the schedule of which is posted at http://www.murthy.com/chat.html. You may like to subscribe to the MurthyBulletin, our weekly eNewsletter on the latest topics of U.S. immigration law (http://www.murthy.com/signup.html). Our attorneys are also available to consult with you on your case-specific questions for a one-time fee, at no further obligation to you.

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