RFE on I-140 about different address of employer in labor and 140


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My employer filed My labor in 2010 which got approved in Jun 2010 and they filed I-140 following approval of Labor, We got a RFE from USCIS on 140 saying that the primary work location address stated in Labor and I-140 is different ( My employer got two offices and two offices are still registered ) the RFE goes like this

"Form 9089 issued by DOL stated the primary intended work site as address 1 and other client locations where as I-140 indicates that the beneficiary will work at Address 2, USCIS mst determine if change of address invalidates the labor certification. "

My recent pay stubs also have this new address as company address starting this APR.

How to reply this RFE so that application is not denied.

Attorney says that they will reply saying the beneficiary primary work location will be Address 1 as stated in Labor and he will be working at Address 2 also as stated under " Other client locations" in Labor , does this make sense ?

your replies are greatly appreciated


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