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Guru's - I had 2 yrs left on my H1 and applied for extension with my approved 140 and got denial because of the following two reasons :

1. No representation from client

2. failed to demonstrate employee employer relation (this also needed representation letter from client saying my employer has the control over me).

I requested my client to give me a official letter for the same purpose and I got it.Applied for MTR 7 working days back and still do not see any status change.

Any one in the same situation can you please let me know how long it is going to take to change the status and if USCIS will allocate a new file number or if the number will still be the same? and what is the normal processing time for MTR under premium?. and most importantly what are my chances to get an approval? and "IF" I still get denied again what are my options????.

Thanks for looking at the post and would appreciate your response.


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