laid off on H1 and limited time in the US


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I am currently on an University H1B (Bio research work)which was supposed to be valid until 2013. But due to funding problems my position has been terminated and I have the job until Aug 31st 2011. I have been applying for a lot of other university jobs so the H1B transfer could be done easily if I get a job before my current visa expires. But I still did not manage to find a job. And I also think it is a little late now.

I wanted to know what options I have in order to save myself from going out of status and leaving the country.

Can I get a J1 visa? or can I join a consultancy that would sponsor me an H1B? and if so, will I still be able to find a Research job and change to H1B?

I would appreciate if I could get answers to my questions asap.

Thank you

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