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While in the first place contract between parties is must. It is necessary for any employee to get contract between employer & vendor, vendor& client.

In case of non availability of contract during the interview, there is a chance of issuing 221g to submit the contract.Subsequently ur employer can send those documents to VFS in sealed envelope.




I am having visa interview in 2 weeks. I have a client letter and vendor letter and work in EVC model. A friend of mine is asked for contract between employer and client. Can you guys suggest what documents need to be provided and what if there is no contract between employer and client.

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Thanks Seeni,

There is a contract between my vendor and client and employer and client.

1. So in this case, in order to satisfy EVC, who can assign the work and who will get the status updates.

2. I heard that if client assigns work and employer gets status updates, there should be a contract between client and employer.

Appreciate your response.



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