Which approval notice to use while booking appointment?


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I am travelling to India in October 2011. My current visa is valid until Jan 2012. I have applied for and received an approved extension from Jan 2012 thru Jan 2015.

Now my question is, when I fill the DS-160 and also when booking the appointment, which I797 approval receipt number should I provide, the one expiring in Jan 2012 or the one valid from Jan 2012. My appointment will be tentatively in October 2011.

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i am in same situation...my lawyer informed i shuld use old one as that is the currently valid and while we go for interview produce the second ono the visa officer as it is valid from later day...the reason he mentioned is while applying for visa we have to use the current valid one not future date one...

the reason is the extension one is valied only from jan2012

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